This web page provides information about the artist Mercedes Cachago Lokrheim. It contains samples of Merced's paintings, some still available, while others are sold. Mercedes has her roots in Ecuador, but currently lives and works in Norway. She has a Studio at the “Glasslåven Kunstsenter,” at the historical and cultural site Granavollen in the region of Hadeland. She is one of a select group of respected artists with a variety of specialties. Mercedes is currently working on large projects, one of which is an international exhibition where the theme is to focus on the impact of the exploitation of oil in environmentally sensitive areas, highlighting Yasuni National Park in the rain forest in Ecuador, and Lofoten, a peninsula in Northern Norway currently dependent on fishing. To purchase a painting please contact us and we will provide information about a gallery where you can do this. Glasslåven Kunstsenter being one of these.


Exhibition in Ambato, Ecuador

In order to continue with the art project called "Exploitation of oil in environmentally vulnerable areas, Lofoten-Norway, Yasusní-Ecuador", Mercedes will be holding another exhibition, this time in Ambato,Ecuador.

20Feb-27 Mar 2020 Museo Provincial Casa del Portal, Ambato, Ecuador

Quito, 20.feb.2020
New site and features

Welcome to this new presentation for the artist Mercedes Cachago Lokrheim. On this version we provide more details about Mercedes and her journey as an artist on her Bigraphy, we would also like to announce that a selected and numbered collection of digigraphies has been produced and are available for sale.

Our album of recent events has been updated into two sections(New Album & Old Album), the old album contains the album for the previous version, the new album contains photos of the latest and more important events.

The section "Art Galleries" contains two sections as well(New Gallery & Old Gallery), the old Gallery containg the previous gallery. The new gallery containing some of the newest creations

Merceds is currently working on two significant projects, we have the pleasure the pleasure to announce our new section called "Projects". This section contains information about two ongoing projects that Mercedes is working on at the moment.

We added a new section as well called Press Releases, here you will find Press News about Mercedes, her projects and exhibitions. Content will be published afterwards.


Jaren, 05.jan.2020
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