Merced's Studio

Mercedes Cachago Lokrheim has a Studio at “Glasslåven Kunstsenter” in Hadeland, Norway, this is near in her home in Jaren, Norway.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting from Mercedes, please contact Glasslåven Kunstsenter, or let us know via email of telephone. We will facilitate contact with a gallery that can arrange this.

Jaren is an hour by train or car north of Oslo. You are always welcome to come and visit us to see these and many other paintings.

Mercedes has also produced a selected collection of digigraphies that must be seen. They are great gift ideas.

Mercedes Cachago, the artist’s contact info:

Postage address: Nordre Ålsvegen 69
ZIP-Code: 2770 Jaren
Country: Norway
Mobile NO: +47 91701178
Mobile ECU: +593 984706228
Social Media:

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